I think this is one of the most powerful writings that I’ve ever wrote to date that comes deep from the heart.Because, it’s so close to my heart.No matter how much I tell YOU that your worth it,you matter,to show and tell people to love themselves, and reach them from inside and open their eyes to how much of a shining star they truly are.It will always be a battle when they aren’t loving themselves enough.

So many struggle with knowing how to love themselves.Millions and Millions struggle it daily,the self-esteem they need just to LOVE themselves.It amazes me that lots don’t already don’t know how to.I know it’s sometimes very difficult to picture the reality we so wish to have happen.Many people can tell you,β€œyour the greatest!” and β€œwe love you” however, it’s you who has to believe in yourself.Nobody is going to do that for you,you have to do that for yourself.

Its a long rough and scary road and you’ll have to face all your fears and many demons.You’ll have to forgive and forget how others made you feel worthles,hurt you or caused you sorrow.The hardest thing for us all, is to forgive ourselves for many times that we make alot of unhealthy choices and mistakes ,that lead us to a lot of hurt and hurting other people in the progress.Lot people have been through the worst of the worst and come out being a better person for it.There is no point changing who you are inside for what other people may want to see in you either.You change for what you want to see in yourself.Also finding those who make you feel worth it and tell you that are worth it, surround yourself with those who value you and care for you.

YouΒ have to tear youself down and rebuilt yourself up from ground zero.For me a alot of prayer and mediation.You must be able to forgive,accept,appreciate,and love yourself.Once you’ve hit the bottom of life,you either linger andΒ have a miserable life in the pass and regrets, or try to move forward so you can live this beautiful gift which is life, and at lease try fine happiness.Loving yourself is the greatest love of all and we all need to love ourselves to have a full healthy balanced life.


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